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Custom Dyes

The turnaround time for custom head dyes depends on the complexity. Turnaround time is roughly 2 weeks depending on the number of orders ahead.

Simple 1 color dyes are $20. This can be solid or fades. Dyes with a logo or multiple colors are approximately $40 depending on the complexity. Complex dyes with multiple logos and multiple colors can be more. Goalie heads are an added $10.

All lacrosse heads do not take the dye the same. Some heads will not dye well based on the material used.

Contact me for more information or any questions.

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Custom Stringing / Dye Request

Head: $[head]
Mesh: $[mesh]
Stringing: $20
Sales Tax: $[tax]

Total: $[total]

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If head desired is unlisted, type in below
If desired mesh is unlisted, type in form below

The prices given will depend on current prices for heads, mesh and materials. I will notify you if there is a change to prices before work begins.

Work will not begin till we contact you by phone or email. Ensure that your contact information is correct.